OTN is the convergence protocol for packet optical transport networks, from Metro Access through to the Metro Core. PMC's OTN processors lead in innovation, integration, and power, delivering quickest time-to-market and lowest R&D expense for the original equipment manufacturer and minimizing total cost of ownership for the service provider.

DIGI-G4, PMC’s latest OTN processor, enables the transition to 400G line cards in OTN switched metro networks. It is the industry’s densest single-chip 4x100G OTN processor with 50 percent less power per port. DIGI-G4 addresses the needs of an SDN-ready, encrypted transport infrastructure and delivers the capacity, security and flexibility required for 400G line cards in packet optical transport platforms (P-OTP), ROADM/WDM and optimized data center interconnect platforms.

PMC White Paper OTN Encryption   PMC Infographic OTN Switching

Infographic: OTN Switching – A Network Transformation Revealed
White Paper: 'In-flight' Encryption in Service Provider Network
This whitepaper discusses how service providers can efficiently encrypt data ‘in-flight’ without compromising service quality using OTN encryption integrated in PMC’s DIGI-G4. Read more
PMC OTN White Paper
White Paper: Benefits of OTN in Transport SDN
This whitepaper discusses the requirements for Optical Transport SDN and how OTN Switching adds flexibility to deliver more dynamic network infrastructures. Read more  


News articles and press releases, relating specifically to OTN Processors & Framers.

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Disrupting 100G with PMC's new DIGI 120G
Introducing PM5440 DIGI 120G, the industry's only single-chip OTN processor supporting 10G, 40G and 100G speeds for OTN transport, aggregation and switched deployments.  DIGI 120G allows for the efficient sharing and dynamic assignment of network resources, enabling OTN networks to effectively virtualize optical network bandwidth to meet the elastic traffic demands of Big Data.

Network Convergence with OTN
What is OTN? This video provides a two-minute introduction to Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology. Until recently, solutions did not exist to make it a practical alternative to SONET/SDH for end-to-end network deployment. Carrier worldwide are now transitioning their networks to OTN for optimized transport of IP services, even at 10 Gigagit Ethernet rates. Presented by Mark Orthodoxou, PMC-Sierra.